15 Home Library Ideas That Deserve A Sequel

Books are a perfect escape route. That’s probably why a room dedicated completely to reading feels like such a well-deserved luxury. Creating a comfortable home library, for reading, studying and yes, even movie watching, is really just a matter of shelves, a comfortable chair and the right lamp.

Every library needs an upright, upholstered chair for reading. For more scholarly pursuits, a library table with light chairs you can move around easily will keep you productive and on task. Of course, sofas in the library are essential for those who like to read for 10 minutes as an intro to a nap.

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As for lighting in a home library, that’s best kept soft and directional. Sconces mounted on your bookshelves will illuminate your collection, while task lighting is essential for the reading chair. There’s no need to brightly light the whole room–a dim library is a cozy one, and especially ideal for the reading of Regency Period novels or anything in need of a moody atmosphere. Any questions?

For additional inspiration, browse the gallery above for 15 home library ideas that get it right.