Sisters Oregon

The Town of Sisters is named for the 10,000 foot Three Sisters mountains, sometimes fondly called Faith, Hope and Charity. A very old story suggests that the mountains where named by the members of a Methodist mission based out of Salem. The town was officially christened when the post office at Camp Polk closed in the 1880’s.

The town of Sisters is located in the transition between the snowy Cascade Mountains and the Central Oregon High Desert. The 1880’s Western town has over 60 unique stores and gift shops with many popular events throughout the year. Sisters is the perfect stopover for all types of recreation activities.

It would take you years to visit all the scenic spots in the Sisters area, but here a few that you should not miss: Head of the Metolius, Mt. Washington Viewpoint, Dee Wright Observatory, Camp Polk Pioneer Cemetery, Patterson Ranch, Three Creeks Lake, Sahalie Falls and Creekside City Park to just name a few.

For more information on the Sisters Area and events, please check out the links below.
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Sister Folk Festival
High Mountain Jazz At Sisters
Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show

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