Sunriver Oregon

It was World War II that really triggered the beginning of Sunriver that is today. The US Army claimed the meadow as training grounds and called it Camp Abbot, after a Pacific Railroad surveyor, Lt. Henry Abbot. Corpsmen were prepared for maneuvers by building bridges across the Deschutes.

In 1965, John D. Gray, founder of Omark Industries and developer of the coastal resort Salishan, and Donald V. McCallum, a Portland attorney, announced their plan for the area, naming it Sunriver to reflect the features which had inspired man since the beginning of time. Sunriver would be a resort and residential community with carefully defined parameters: a finite number of homesites would be apportioned, total municipal services would be offered, and a lodge would anchor activity for the entire development, maintaining European standards of hospitality.

More importantly, the natural environment would not be compromised. Guided by the vision of Gray and McCallum, architects drafted a master plan and on June 28, 1968, the first homesite was sold at Sunriver.

In 1993, the current owners, Sunriver Resort Limited Partnership, began an extensive capital improvement program to bring Sunriver Resort gracefully into the 21st century. During its first 30 years, Sunriver has become the Northwest’s finest resort community, retaining all the very best traditions of the past. With its strong emphasis on preserving the natural surroundings, Sunriver has formed a unique partnership between development and nature, creating a place where many come to visit and the lucky ones come to stay.

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